Atheism And Nihilism

Atheism And Nihilism, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Does it scare you God? That I
Who don’t follow you, doesn’t need you
Doesn’t believe in you, that I exist?

You must think I am daft, what a craft
You create me, then blame me, for the brain
You gave me

I get it, I need to be that snarling Cerberus
That three headed tricephalic, spit vomit
Howl and bark at the moon, in June

My lion’s mane of cobras, and boils
Pustular drooling, everyone fearing
I am coming after them

I know God, my life is meaningless
Without you, how would I get through
I need you, on my knees, I grovel

For you, pine and fawn and kill
For you, I am nothing, nothing
Without you

They don’t understand you
Like I do. I hear your voice
Day and night, you tell me what to do

I’ve read your epic manual, tried and true
I am your biggest fan, you know it’s true
I’d kill for you

Every moment I live for you,
I spread your word, by your orders
I cross all borders, and save others

So when they die, they’ll all be with you
And you told me, they’d lie to me
Trick me, deceive me, kill me

Try to lead me away from you
I’m locked in, I’m loyal to you
Just one thing God, FUCK YOU!

Oh dear lord, did I offend you?
Did I hurt your feelings, omni
I guess I did, but to be fair to you

I could say fuck Yoda too
Or Spiderman, or Superman
Or Klu Klux Klan, or Taliban

And what exactly am I offending?
I can tell you, and make it clear
Assholes and the non existent

But please don’t ask me to
Shed a tear for you God
You were dead before you were even born

And you were never born in any case.

I don’t believe in you God, I’m sorry
That bothers you, but atheists can and do
Live fine and value

The finite time we have, our loved ones
Compassion, empathy,
And beauty too.

I am sorry it bothers you God
I don’t see how it can
But so what, here I am.

I cannot state this enough. I do not hate every person on the face of the planet who believes in a god. This poem is aimed at the assholes of ANY religion who think it is their job to threaten us on behalf of their deity, whom by their own claims, is all powerful. When people threaten me with their god, I get the image of a midget standing spread eagle in front of the terminator shouting “Don’t hit God, you might hurt or kill him!”.

Seriously? You defy your own logic when you do that. Not only that, if this claimed being is so fragile it cannot handle being picked on, and really has better things to do, like cure cancer, or stop war and famine, but is worried about me saying “fuck you” to it, would not be a being I could worship, even if I did believe.

But again, this is not a hate poem, it is a poem about the logical inconsistencies in claiming an all powerful god then trying to protect it when it should not need your help in the first place.


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