This Outsider

This Outsider, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

He’s always on “your” side
Isn’t he? Most certainly, definitely
Forget the adversary, who says the same

How confident you are, willing to kill
Unwilling to see, your adversary will
Kill you too, through and through

The ravings of antiquity, in tribal states
Divine right of kings, get you to follow their fate
And they hand their hate, down to you

Mesopotamia has these three
Knives cut throats so easily
Books justify their actions properly

That dove scurries and hides
From all of you, seeking the submission
Of the others who, don’t follow you

The caldron of confidence is obvious to
This outsider, who wants nothing to do
With your petty gods, who cannot do

Without enraging you, and you kill
Hoping it will, finally get you, everything
You hoped for, your honor is due

But it never does, does it? Endless wars
In his name, the battle of insecurities
This deity blames, it all on you

He is the parent with 3 kids who
Sticks swords in their hands, and
Demands you stab, put them on a slab

And the last one standing, gets to
Hang out with you, somewhere above
What a reward this is, is it not?

You win the grand prize, all others are lost
Thrown in the pyre at his pleasure
You did his bidding and you feel better

So take your knife, take your gun
Start your holy war, have some fun
But me, this outsider, I am done.

Again, I do think most human beings are good, but as much as religion claims it does good, it creates just as much division, not only between different religions, but also between the sub sects of any given umbrella religion.


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