Out Out brief Candle

Out Out Brief Candle, By Brian37/Brian James Rational Poet.

To-deities, and to-gods, and to-God,
Creeps in this petty tyrant from day to day
Until the extinction of humanity new ones will be invented
And all of our yesterday’s Gods have been created by fools
The way to tribal death. Out out brief myth
Claims are but a walking shadow, a poor reflection
That struts our narcissism upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by the credulous, full of sound and furry
Signifying nothing.

Looks familiar doesn’t it? Well, it my skeptics version of Macbeth’s act 5 scene 5 line. Macbeth in the play was equating it to the suicide of his one true love Lady Macbeth, and was saying his life was not worth living without her. I took that line and made it about belief in the super natural.

I think most humans are good people. I simply do not agree that they need a god or religion to do good or be good. But in any case, I hate bullies and authoritarians, so when a theist gets in my face and threatens me with their god like the minion of a school yard bully, this poem is my response.


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