Don’t Say Goodbye,

Don’t Say Goodbye, by Brian37/Brian James Rational Poet.

It started one night
When I left
Just to be silly
To get a smile

Everyone says bye
But it happened one night
Instead I responded

It became a game
Between me and my mom
To come up with “bi” sounding words
To each we’d respond

The game was
Not to repeat
Each other’s favorites
As we parted each night

She’d respond
To my “bicentennial”
With “biplane”
And it went on and on

I’d say “bison”, but would be in trouble
If I picked her two favorites
“By one get one free”
Or, “bicarbonate of soda”

But we would run out
Knowing I’d have
To eventually leave

She’d end it with
“By dog and cat food”
Knowing I’d have to
Make stops on my way home

Feeling her cold skin
At the funeral home
The vile stiffness
It won’t happen again

It was as if
I could wake her up
Just in a sleep
The way they prepped her

I can only find comfort
She is no longer in pain
But I hate that we will never
Play that game again

Bicentennial, biplane, bison
Biped, bicarbonate of soda
Biography, buy one get one free
I love you mom, I’ll see you in the morning.


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